Specs Pouch

These handy specs pouches are lined with cotton velvet. Choose between Jig Mint (top,) Jig Lapis and Jig Sherbet(bottom.) Please specify colour at checkout–thank you!

£22 (Please specify colour at checkout)


Available in two sizes, lampshades can be made to order. Please contact us for a full list of custom options.

£80 (Please specify colour at checkout)

Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottle covers and quality bottles in any design and colourway!

£35 (Please specify colour at checkout)

Tailor Made

As well as our product range, we offer a variety of tailor made products.


Double cloth merino wool curtains not only complement any interior space, their thermal properties are a perfect match to period properties, offering an extra thermal barrier between the chill of the night air and the cosy comfort of the home. For more information, contact us.